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Grocery shopping

The village grocery shop (Proxy) is just one kilometre away in Pont-Saint-Mamet. This little shop serves all the nearby villages and it is well stocked with local produce and daily essentials. The owner (Isabelle) and her staff are super friendly and helpful. We always buy local fruit (strawberries and melon are particularly good when in season) and the local produced entrecote (much fresher than in the larger supermarkets) from Isabelle. Please note that the shop is closed on Thursdays (all day) and on Sunday afternoon.

The largest hypermarket nearby is the Intermarche Hyper in Creysse/Bergerac, just 20 mins drive away and worth a visit to stock up on the local wines (red Pecharmant and sweet white Mombazillac are probably the best among the Bergerac wines) as well as the many other regional foods. However, while the variety is more limited, we personally find the quality of food in Super U (on the road to Perigueux) and Carrefour (just outside Bergerac) slightly better. Additionally, there is an Auchan in Perigueux that offers great variety and good quality food, although it is a bit further away, some 45 mins by car.

However, one of the gems of holidaying in this part of France are the local markets! There are local markets nearby pretty much every day of the week (generally in the morning) and you can find a full list on the website We would recommend the market in Issigeac on Sundays (35 mins drive away) and those in Bergerac and Périgueux on Wednesdays and particularly on Saturdays. Local wild mushrooms and truffle are delightful and impossibly cheap. Equally, the Périgueux market has a few impressive fish stalls that it sells surprisingly good Paella to take-away. Seasonal fruits tend to be excellent (and surely better in the local markets than in the big supermarkets).

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